In the last couple of weeks we have been releasing some teasers about our new game, but as a good burlesque dancer we didn’t showed too much in the beginning of the show. Now we are ready to take our sequin skirt and reveal more about the project, the game we call Odallus:The Dark Call!


On an ancient times, a warrior tired of fighting returns home just to discovery his battles have not yet ended. A Dark Lord and his scourge army ravaged his village leaving no good soul alive and continues his path of destruction in search for the Ultimate Power. Now, it is up to him to put a stop on this cursed destruction before it is too late.


Odallus will be a classic exploration/action game, inspired by Ghosts’n Goblins, Demon’s Crest and Castlevania. We want to have more exploration in Odallus, so we are not going to give you such a frenetic gameplay pace as in Oniken, but also don’t you think you will be hunting for butterflies in the game. This land is seriously wicked and there is no place for wussies.

  • iOS version ? (tentei, hehehe)

  • Awesome!

  • really cool, I’ll buy it for sure.

  • Sensacional! Aguardarei ansioso.

  • João Neto

    Super demais, aguardando lançamento!

  • Lars Ricaldi

    Cannot wait, I will spam my friends about this game :P

  • apesar de ser Norte americano a língua, vocês vão colocar pra português também né ?
    seria ótimo ^~^, mesmo assim parabéns pelo projeto ta muito show, ancioso pra joga-lo !

    • Se não rolar nenhum problema vamos fazer como em Oniken e colocar tradução pros textos sim. =)

  • Miko


  • JessikaAlves

    I can’t wait!

  • Samuel Tyler Sprowl

    This looks absolutely fantastic!

  • Alfonso de la Vega

    Just got done playing the demo. Your skills as game makers are great!

  • 7Ravy

    Amazing. You guys are the only ones making actual retro games. Even Shovel Knight cannot compare to the purity your games present!
    Still tho, you could pass on that sword-on-the-back trope. It burns my eyes. It’s really impossible to draw a sword from the back.