Oniken hits Steam

Oniken is now available on Steam! This version of Oniken has updated graphics, new and rearranged soundtracks, stage rebalancing, Steam integration features such as leaderboards and achievements, and the new Hardcore mode.



In this new gameplay mode, player must beat the game in one run without continues which guarantees extra points to the final score and revelations about the real ending.

The standard price is USD$7.99, £4.99 or €5.99 but during the launch week all regions will have a 30% discount. Oniken is available for PC, Mac and Linux and has subtitles in Portuguese, French, Spanish and Czech.

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Desura players, do not worry! Desura version will be updated as well! And if you prefer to play it on steam, we will have by the end of the week a tool that grants Steamkeys for desura key owners. If that interests you, stay tuned on out blog here or our twitter and facebook page!


7 thoughts on “Oniken hits Steam

  1. What about the people that made donations before Oniken hits steam? Will they receive a key of this game on steam?

  2. Anything on the tool that grants steamkeys to desura key owners?

    “we will have by the end of the week a tool that grants Steamkeys for desura key owners.” almost a month ago now

      1. I have been waiting months for the Desura version to get updated. While I didn’t expect a Steam key because I originally bought the game on Desura, it’s frustrating that I am stuck with an outdated version. It’s been months since the last word on the update for Desura. I tried using the Desura key on Steam and it doesn’t work, so there is currently no way for me to play the latest version of Oniken without buying the game on Steam again.

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