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Hey there, I played both of your games in 30 hours. I enjoyed them very much, and I like your approach better than the approach commonly taken on the bigger games that involve little to no difficulty, or worse, the death penalty is just a long loading screen! I spend more time on Odallus, because there is more content and more collecting, which wasn’t a bad thing. However, I did occur upon a couple glitches near the end of my playthrough of Odallus. SPOILERS BELOW!
The first one, was when my data copied over to the second slot, and the second slot had more progress on it than the first, as it was a continuation. The second one, was that Haggis could dissappear at the three statues, and then movement got weird unless the level is restarted. The third one, when I quit to save some lives from the final bosses, it got the gameover screen even though I still had lives, but I came back with less lives! Also, I don’t know if this is extra weird, but I didn’t lose any progress from that glitched gamer over screen. (I thought you would be sent to the beginning if you lost all lives)
Just one gameplay issue I had with Odallus, was that I did not spend half the amount of lives lost throughout the game on those final bosses. I eventually found the patterns and won, but it was a tad bit extreme when compared to the rest of the game. I suppose, I didn’t find much enjoyment in the final ending either, which made me a little sad that he didn’t get his son back, and was left with darkness, which only seemed very one sided. I don’t know if you intended to show darkness as evil, but I’ll just go along with the implication it was based on the experience from that game, it didn’t make me very happy.
I liked playing those games a lot, although I think Oniken may have done a better job at what it seemed to me what it was going to be about, Odallus was a little more fun with it’s level of gameplay.

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