Darkness is calling, and so is Odallus Beta

Darkness is calling, and so is Odallus Beta


Odallus is currently in beta test and release date will be announced in the following weeks. But there is still time to join the beta test!

All pre orders placed until Sunday (5th July) through the Humble Widget or Store instantly get a Steam key for the beta version. But only until July the 5th, all pre-orders made after that will have to wait until full release to play Odallus!


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May the hunt begin

May the hunt begin

At the break of dawn today, we released Odallus beta to all Indiegogo backers through Steam. The beta is now available through Steam. This beta has:

  • Multi-language support (only 1 for now, more coming soon!)
  • New in-game dialogs
  • Global leaderboards
  • All levels and bosses complete
  • Various bug fixes
  • There is a final boss now and he is beatable

Cutscenes and more languages are coming on the next updates. Odallus’ complete build is close now and we want to thank all of you for your incredible support!


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JoyMasher at GDC!

JoyMasher at GDC!

thou shalt not pass!

Odallus is on its final stages of development and we will be attending at GDC at San Francisco 2nd-6th March! So if you are also around, look for this guy to check the game:


He might be without the beer glass (or not), but he answers by Danilo.

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Odallus and facing your own demons

Odallus and facing your own demons

Zaku, Oniken’s protagonist, was a typical hero’s journey. It had his first denial, he had companions that at first didn’t liked him, he had a chance to prove himself worthy of their trust and he fights the big giant robot in the end. Haggis is a bit more complex. He travels this world alone, he must face this problem alone. That is because Zaku’s problems were in the outside world, the world was his problem and more people could help him the merrier. That’s not true in Odallus, the problems in this world are a reflexion of Haggis own problems, his pasts choices and his present actions.  must

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Get your sword: Odallus Preorder is here

Get your sword: Odallus Preorder is here

Every year, Evil is free to roam free human’s world during a very particular time, Halloween night. This year, Evil will also roam our PCs with Odallus preorder.

Odallus is $14.99 and by this price player also gets access to the most recent beta build.


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Oniken hits Steam

Oniken hits Steam

Oniken is now available on Steam! This version of Oniken has updated graphics, new and rearranged soundtracks, stage rebalancing, Steam integration features such as leaderboards and achievements, and the new Hardcore mode.



In this new gameplay mode, player must beat the game in one run without continues which guarantees extra points to the final score and revelations about the real ending.

The standard price is USD$7.99, £4.99 or €5.99 but during the launch week all regions will have a 30% discount. Oniken is available for PC, Mac and Linux and has subtitles in Portuguese, French, Spanish and Czech.

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Desura players, do not worry! Desura version will be updated as well! And if you prefer to play it on steam, we will have by the end of the week a tool that grants Steamkeys for desura key owners. If that interests you, stay tuned on out blog here or our twitter and facebook page!


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Odallus’ Stage 2 Teaser

Odallus’ Stage 2 Teaser

After first encountering evil on his village, Haggis must follow it through the Dark Forest. Before now, Haggis had dared to entered the Dark Forrest few times since this place is know by its not friendly creatures and odd ancient ruins. At the end of the forest there is yet another damned place the old grave yard from the Other Folk.

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