Blazing Chrome

Blazing Chrome is an action-packed classic co-op run'n gun with an original arcade feel. An army run by metal and AIs rule the earth, making humans the bottom of the pyramid. When a small group of rebels decides to go all in against the machine overlords, the result is heavy casualties and big-time action. It is time to lock and load and blaze some chrome!

Players kick some serious metal ass playing with Mavra, the badass human resistance soldier, or Doyle, the groovy rebel robot.



Do you want to know more?

Blazing Chrome is currently under development. If you just want to check our updates, Danilo and JoyMasher twitter are the most frequently updated channels. Our Youtube and Facebook cary more curated posts, mostly once every a couple of weeks. If you are press and want to receive early builds, please request access on our Do.Distribute.