Oniken hits Steam

Oniken hits Steam

Oniken is now available on Steam! This version of Oniken has updated graphics, new and rearranged soundtracks, stage rebalancing, Steam integration features such as leaderboards and achievements, and the new Hardcore mode.



In this new gameplay mode, player must beat the game in one run without continues which guarantees extra points to the final score and revelations about the real ending.

The standard price is USD$7.99, £4.99 or €5.99 but during the launch week all regions will have a 30% discount. Oniken is available for PC, Mac and Linux and has subtitles in Portuguese, French, Spanish and Czech.

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Desura players, do not worry! Desura version will be updated as well! And if you prefer to play it on steam, we will have by the end of the week a tool that grants Steamkeys for desura key owners. If that interests you, stay tuned on out blog here or our twitter and facebook page!


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A pack of fresh screenshots!

A pack of fresh screenshots!

It has been a while since we didn’t post anything about Odallus. We were working hard on new enemies and new stage. Here is a pack of fresh screenshots from Odallus!








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Odallus on Indiegogo!

Odallus on Indiegogo!



Yeap, Odallus is now on Indiegogo! Gogo get it! :D

Get the Demo

Steam Greenlight

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In the last couple of weeks we have been releasing some teasers about our new game, but as a good burlesque dancer we didn’t showed too much in the beginning of the show. Now we are ready to take our sequin skirt and reveal more about the project, the game we call Odallus:The Dark Call!


On an ancient times, a warrior tired of fighting returns home just to discovery his battles have not yet ended. A Dark Lord and his scourge army ravaged his village leaving no good soul alive and continues his path of destruction in search for the Ultimate Power. Now, it is up to him to put a stop on this cursed destruction before it is too late.


Odallus will be a classic exploration/action game, inspired by Ghosts’n Goblins, Demon’s Crest and Castlevania. We want to have more exploration in Odallus, so we are not going to give you such a frenetic gameplay pace as in Oniken, but also don’t you think you will be hunting for butterflies in the game. This land is seriously wicked and there is no place for wussies.

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Yes, we love pixels

Yes, we love pixels

The creation of our first game, Oniken, gave us a lot of feedback and it was pretty cool because we could see if people were enjoying or not our games and why.

Publishing Oniken on Greenlight was great too, because the feedback we got earlier was mostly from people that bought the game. In Greenlight, you try to convince people that your game deserves to enter in Steam catalog, with videos and screens. However, most of the negative feedback (almost all of them) wasn’t about our game as a whole but instead about the retro visual style, some users even saying the game is “from the time of my grandmother” or “if this game was released in 80’s it was be a success, but today it’s a waste of time and effort“.

Recently, a big brazilian website about game news mention one of our last blog posts about the new game that Danilo is working on. We got really proud of it since finally we could get some feedback from our country fellas, but the feedback was mostly negative, with jokes about “gamedev coming to Brazil with a 15 years of lag” and comments complaining about the game graphics.


We don’t take these comments seriously because the retro style adopted was a tribute and this don’t affect the fun factor of the gameplay. In Oniken, for example, we wanted to make a game with 8-bit graphics because in the 80s video games had to be short due to hardware and developing limitations, so the developers made them very hard so players played much more. That’s why Castlevania, Ghosts n Goblins, Megaman and so many other classic titles are hard, to make the experience last longer. That doesn’t mean that we can’t make other visual styles games (Oniken’s first prototypes had a 16bits art), that’s simply a obsession by pixels and the 80’s difficulty that made Danilo Dias and Pedro Paiva create the game.


I think that today games are all about the same thing. The first person shooters like the Battlefield series or the Call of Duty only have small changes in the gameplay and new maps, but essentially are the same game, version after version. Assassin’s Creed series make a new game every year with the basic same premise. The new Tomb Raider game doesn’t even have as many puzzles as the classic versions. Big companies create incomplete games and sell DLCs after release to finish the game and sell it sooner (and sometimes also ships DLCs “on-disk” too). Some of these games don’t even let the player think by himself or entertain, just ask him to kill anything that moves and try to enjoy the ultra realistic graphics.

Today, most of the gaming industry teaches younger players that games are all about 3D graphics and disregards fun. If your game don’t have this graphical standard, then your game sucks. It’s sad see so much game developers prioritizing graphics and putting the fun factor not as a priority.

Obviously, it’s great to have more and more powerful machines handling better resolution textures, more powerful shaders and polygons on screen, but we want to see fun games too, and no computer or videogame console can do this alone without the help of the game designers. Here we enter, to try to make the difference.

Yes, we love pixels, and we love to create games.

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New game WIP video

New game WIP video

This is one of the projects we are currently developing. This game will be a lot different from Oniken, and will have a lot of exploring and upgrades as well. Hope you enjoy it!


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Monsters… We need a lot of them.

Monsters… We need a lot of them.


Hey everyone!

During the last 2 weeks I’ve been quite busy making some enemies to our new game and boy, I must say that I’m starting to need some ideas for them. They must be terrifying creatures, different from Oniken, these guys must be real flesh monsters and not robots hehe. Supernatural creatures, demons and stuff. So if you got any cool idea for a monster or some cool monster that you saw on a movie or something like that, send’em over!





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Sigurdr’s Havoc is open to play but we are not satisfied

Sigurdr’s Havoc is open to play but we are not satisfied

Click to play Sigurdr's Havoc

Hey there! You probably heard we were participating on Global Game Jam this year, but I´m not sure if you have been able to check out the result!

You can also listen to Sigurdr’s OST here.

However, after getting some sleep (developing a game in 48h is not an easy task), we decided we wanted to do more with Sigurdr’s Havoc and decided to make a developer´s cut edition, to be released any time soon.

Hope you enjoy our game [and hold on to the enhanced edition!]

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Some new images from one of our new projects.

Some new images from one of our new projects.


Hey everyone, I just want to show some more stuff from our new game. The main problem is that we don’t have a complete screenshot yet because we don’t have backgrounds, just placeholders. However the main character/items and special effects are almost complete. The main mechanics as well.


ng000 ng001





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