Excited about the Global Game Jam? Boy, we are!

Excited about the Global Game Jam? Boy, we are!

Our workstation

Today starts the Global Game Jam and we will be participating! If you don´t know what the GGJ is, I will put in simple words:

  • One globally organized weekend to make games
  • 48 hours and one only theme
  • Everyone trying to have a good time and make the best possible game in the time limit.

Sounds fun, hum? You can still look for a Jam site in your region on  GGJ’s website and register. Have fun!

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Our server is back! And more!

Our server is back! And more!

Hey people! Our server is back! You just have to send your score again to our leaderboards!
We also released a small update to Oniken. It’s the 1.81 update. This update fixes some small issues in mission7.

We’re moving on to our next project. In fact we have 2 new games in production.
We still didn’t have time to make  lots of stuff so it’s too early to release something however on of them is already running and working. Oh and none of them is Oniken 2 hahahaha.


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Oniken: The Rescue

Oniken: The Rescue

We have a new stage! And, as you can see from the screen shot, we also have a new playing character! In Oniken: The Rescue, you play as Jenny in her mission of rescuing Oniken prisoners that takes time between 1st and 2nd missions of the original game. The stage will come free of charge in the next Oniken update which will be available next Friday.

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Oniken on Steam?

Well, not just yet, but we can get there with your help! Vote for Oniken on Greenlight to help us achieve that!

Help Oniken get on Steam!

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Oniken v1.6

Hey everyone! Oniken version 1.6 is out!

We like to share some information about this version:

*Mission 4-3 Boss had some modifications.

Fixed issues with 6-1 Boss.

Added a Demo Theater in Options menu.

**Added a multilanguage system.

*After watching lots of players having issues with mission 4-3 boss, we decided to make this change.

This modification will make impossible to fall of the screen, which resulted in a one hit kill. However, players can still be punished for falling down the platform. We hope that improve the balancing in Mission 4 and make Oniken a more enjoyable game for those who felt frustrated with this specific part of the game.

**With multilanguage system, all cut scenes can be translated to any language that supports the roman alphabetic and it is very simple to make your own translation. You just have to get the original English script (it will be inside the DATA/Languages folder) and translate the text in your own language. After this you just have to select it in the launcher and there you go, all cut scenes will be in the selected language!

Version 1.6 features Portuguese script made by Marco Galvão and Spanish script made by Horacio Corral.

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Giveaway winners!

Congratulations to felipe_baumel, rafero and Master0010! Please, contact us via twitter or on our e-mail hello [at] to receive your prizes!

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Get a July Jubilee Indie Royale Bundle!

Get a July Jubilee Indie Royale Bundle!

Of course you want to play all these awesome indie games and most likely already got your bundle, but probably you have that silly friend of yours that always forget to get thing on time.

Fortunately for you and your friend, we are giving three bundles away! That´s right, you can get these all these cool games for free!

All you have to do to have a chance to win is to tweet our contest message and follow @JoyMasher on twitter! Our contest twit is:

Want an Indie Royale July Jubilee bundle? RT and follow @JoyMasher for a chance to get one! #OnikenGiveAway

But don’t take too long, winners will be randomly picked at Friday 10PM PST (14h Brasilia time, 17:00 UTC/GMT)!!

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