The Game

The old Gods have forsaken our people. In despair, we have fallen prey of those thirsty for power, man and something else. Villages were destroyed, children were slayed and brother fought against brother. Living things that are not on lust for power were reduced to a mere pursuit for survival. Haggis was once a soldier that have long abandoned the battlefield must now take is sword once again to protect his loved ones.

Odallus is a NES inspired exploration game with lots of action. It will be divided in stages, but there is no one-way-only in Odallus and levels have many paths, including to other levels. However, all paths in Odallus are infested by dangers and demons to which Haggis must be always watchful. 

Odallus will be released in the following months. Purchasing Odallus now you will receive access to some of our beta builds, starting now.


What people are saying about Odallus

I am thoroughly on board with Odallus and can only hope we won’t have to wait too long to get our hands on the game. - Jordan Devore @ Destructoid

Facing a great evil with nothing but a sword and throwing axes – sounds just about right. – Chris Priestman @ Indie Statik

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