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The old Gods have forsaken our people.

In despair, we have fallen prey of those thirsty for power, human or otherwise. Villages were destroyed, children were slain and brother fought against brother. Living things that do not lust for power were reduced to a mere pursuit for survival. Haggis was once a soldier that has long abandoned the battlefield and now must take the sword once again to protect his loved ones.

The Game

Odallus is a NES inspired exploration game with lots of action. It brings elements of classics such as Ghosts’n Goblins, Demon’s Crest and Castlevania while subverting some modern twists. The game features:

  • Eight levels open to exploration
  • Huge bosses
  • Sharp controls
  • Rad 8-bit graphics
  • Thrilling atmosphere
  • Veteran mode (after release)
  • Two endings
  • 4+ hours of gameplay
  • 50+ types of enemies

What people are saying about Odallus

Just when I thought the game was winding down, it had only just begun to show itself to me, and with some solid challenge, pretty locations, and gruesome foes, I was happy to keep going. - Joel Couture @

I am thoroughly on board with Odallus and can only hope we won’t have to wait too long to get our hands on the game. - Jordan Devore @ Destructoid

Facing a great evil with nothing but a sword and throwing axes – sounds just about right. – Chris Priestman @ Indie Statik


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