Freeware Games

These game we made with love and we hope you like it! They are mostly small projects or jam games that despite being short we got really proud of! That's why we decided to release these games for free. Some of them might even be prototypes for future games. Try them out and guess which one is which!

MRC6-454 is a space themed game, focused mostly on exploration with some shooting and with a non linear stage design. Game sets around bounty hunter Rachel E., who takes an apparently easy job of looking for survivors inside a space research base named MRC6-454 and ends ups trapped inside of it. In order to set herself free, Rachel must understand some of the tech researched on the facility and use it on her favor while surviving its security system. MRC6-454 is a minigame Thais had to develop for some reason in five days. Danilo and Thommaz had some time to spare and helped with their specialties: art and music. The whole game was actually made in four days and, though it has a completely different fell and pacing, it used as its programming base much of Oniken code. So we though it would be fair to release it together with Oniken, as a gift.


It´s worth of your time. - Stephan Martins, Jovem Nerd


Major Maox is a short game Danilo made in order to test a concept. This version of the games was built in less them 5 days. With both top down and sidescroller gameplays, Major Maox looks like as if Metal Gear and Vice:Project Doom had a baby.. You assume the role of major Jason Maox, an ex-military who was discharged because of his irresponsible acts. Broke and drunk, Maox has the opportunity to rebuilt his life if he accomplish a last mission...


Major Maox looks like as if Metal Gear and Vice:Project Doom had a baby. - Thais Weiller

You are Sigurdr, a might warrior who is fighting the legendary sea serpent Jormungandr. Everybody knows that Jormungandr has scales forged by the sun and stronger than Svalinn itself so the only way to slay the dire fiend was from inside. This game is the result of JoyMasher's team participating Global Game Jam 2013 and was made in 48h. Hope you enjoy it!


A homage to "guts" stages of classic games - Henrique Sampaio, Arena IG

killingmoon 2013-08-11 12-02-54-67

The game follows three protagonists, Ash (Ashley) J. Raimi, Barbara Romero and R.J. MacCarpenter, who are friends during a Halloween party in their high school. Every things feels like just another stupid school party until lights start to fail and weird things happen. Like, really weird shit. You play with one protagonist in each game chapter. Each character will add his or her own outlook on the events that takes place in that peculiar night. We choose and isometric perspective to help in the finding and combining hidden objects and the game will flow mostly like and adventure game, such as The Dig, Clock Tower and Machinarium. The ambiance, on the other hand, is much more on Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Since we really, really love horror movies we decided to homage some movies and directors with the characters names and if you like horror movies too, you will probably spend some time trying to guess who is who. I won’t spoil any of their origins, good luck finding them out! This game is the result of JoyMasher's team participating Horror Pack and was made in 72h. Hope you enjoy it!


Joymasher really nailed the whole "from okay to total shitstorm" transition that happens in classic slasher movies. - A cool guy on Reddit