Blazing Chrome

Kick some serious metal ass TODAY!


The world is under the machines domination, putting the few humans alive on the edge of total extermination. Bring your best pal and kick some metal butts to free the humankind while enjoying a classic run’n’gun, fully loaded with action and exciting fights. Between Contra and Metal Slug, Blazing Chrome is made by and for arcade and action fans.

An action-packed classic co-op run'n gun for PC, PS4, Switch and XONE!

Militant AI-fueled computers rule the Earth while humans are expendable, lacking power, prestige or status among their machine overlords. Choose to play as Mavra, a super badass human resistance soldier, or Doyle, the equally groovy and deadly insurgent robot.

When a small group of rebels decides to overthrow their oppressors, it results in heavy casualties and a ton of lock-and-load fast-paced action where scrapping robots and blazing chrome with your powerful weapons is the only thing standing between you and your freedom.

Do you want to know more?

Blazing Chrome is currently under development. If you just want to check our updates, Danilo and JoyMasher twitter are the most frequently updated channels. Our Youtube and Facebook cary more curated posts, mostly once every a couple of weeks. If you are press and want to receive early builds, please request access on our Do.Distribute.

Blazing Chrome is being published by The Arcade Crew.