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The old gods have forgotten this land. No one could save our people when darkness started spreading and collecting human souls for its army. Odallus is a classic exploration/action game, inspired by Ghosts’n Goblins, Demon’s Crest and Castlevania. Player takes place of Haggis, a warrior tired of fight who must wield his sword once more to rescue his son from Darkness.

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What have been said about Odallus

Just when I thought the game was winding down, it had only just begun to show itself to me, and with some solid challenge, pretty locations, and gruesome foes, I was happy to keep going.” – Joel Couture @ IndieGames.com

I am thoroughly on board with Odallus and can only hope we won’t have to wait too long to get our hands on the game. – Jordan Devore @ Destructoid

Facing a great evil with nothing but a sword and throwing axes – sounds just about right. – Chris Priestman @ Indie Statik

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Darkness is calling, and so is Odallus Beta


Odallus is currently in beta test and release date will be announced in the following weeks. But there is still time to join the beta test! All pre orders placed until Sunday (5th July) through the Humble Widget or Store instantly get a Steam key for the beta version. But only until July the 5th, all pre-orders made after that will have to wait until full release to play Odallus!

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May the hunt begin


At the break of dawn today, we released Odallus beta to all Indiegogo backers through Steam. The beta is now available through Steam. This beta has: Multi-language support (only 1 for now, more coming soon!) New in-game dialogs Global leaderboards All levels and bosses complete Various bug fixes There is a final boss now and he is beatable Cutscenes and more languages are coming on the next updates. Odallus’ complete build is close now and we want to thank all of you […]

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JoyMasher at GDC!

thou shalt not pass!

Odallus is on its final stages of development and we will be attending at GDC at San Francisco 2nd-6th March! So if you are also around, look for this guy to check the game: He might be without the beer glass (or not), but he answers by Danilo.

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Get your sword: Odallus Preorder is here


Every year, Evil is free to roam free human’s world during a very particular time, Halloween night. This year, Evil will also roam our PCs with Odallus preorder. Odallus is $14.99 and by this price player also gets access to the most recent beta build.

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Odallus’ Stage 2 Teaser

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After first encountering evil on his village, Haggis must follow it through the Dark Forest. Before now, Haggis had dared to entered the Dark Forrest few times since this place is know by its not friendly creatures and odd ancient ruins. At the end of the forest there is yet another damned place the old grave yard from the Other Folk.

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