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On July 15th past year, JoyMasher changed forever. After a very difficult two years and a half development cycle, Odallus was done and ready to meet the world. We were looking forward for the release but also a bit concerned. What if there are a lot of bugs we couldn’t find? And if there is a crashing issue we don’t know about? Is it possible the game sucks and we wasted two and a half years of our live and all our love on a shitty game no one will ever care about?

We overcame these fears and released the game, even though there was that voice in the back of our heads saying everything was doomed to fail. Some hours later, we did had some bug complains but there was also something else entirely. Every feedback on steam or nice twit or blog review or twitch streaming, every minute of your live you chose to spend playing Odallus and afterwards commenting about it transformed those fears in a cozy happy felling. We were overwhelmed by the positive reception. And we can only thank each and everyone of you for that. You guys are amazing!

One year later, and here we are! We want to share with you this positive felling you guys gave to us, so you can share it also with people you love. We wouldn’t be here without your love, so take our love in exchange!

Thanks again!

One year of Odallus celebration! on our blog atJoyMasher

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