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Oniken is an action platformer, highly inspired by 8-bit games of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. This influence is visible not only on Oniken’s graphics and sound design, but also on its story and even on game’s difficulty. Oniken takes place on a post-apocalyptic future when a global war nearly destroys human kind. The few survivors are oppressed by a large military organization called Oniken. Player takes the role of Zaku, a ninja mercenary (maybe a little less ninja and a dash more of a Bad Dude) that takes part on the resistance movement. Game was created by Danilo Dias and developed by him together with Pedro Paiva to be a tribute to his favorite games from the 8 and 16-bit generation, as Ninja Gaiden, Vice: Project Doom and Kabuki Quantum Figther.



What have been said about Oniken

It feels like it fell out of the late eighties, except the controls were tightened up during the voyage. – Destructoid

Oniken is NES hard, but also NES awesome – Guyism

The moment you start playing the game, you wonder whether Ocean, Capcom or Sega might have lawyers at the ready for this overtly NES/Master System influenced game as it really does have the feel of that era. – The IndieGameMag

So much to tell, so little time: Contextual Storytelling and Odallus


Since the beginning of JoyMasher, our main goal is to make fun games. Fun is one of those things everyone thinks they know what it means until one needs to explain it in words. For us it means mainly one thing: challenging gameplay. All our games are meant to offer a compelling set of interaction mechanics that are interesting, challenging and enjoyable. Contextual Storytelling is a way to make the best out of gameplay (and art) to also tell more about the game. […]

Oniken hits Steam

Oniken is now available on Steam! This version of Oniken has updated graphics, new and rearranged soundtracks, stage rebalancing, Steam integration features such as leaderboards and achievements, and the new Hardcore mode.   In this new gameplay mode, player must beat the game in one run without continues which guarantees extra points to the final score and revelations about the real ending. The standard price is USD$7.99, £4.99 or €5.99 but during the launch week all regions will have a 30% […]

Oniken will be on Steam!


Today a new list of GreenLit games was announced by Steam and guess what? Oniken was on it! Thanks everyone who voted for Oniken and soon you will be able to see The Unstoppable on Steam!

Oniken: The Rescue

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We have a new stage! And, as you can see from the screen shot, we also have a new playing character! In Oniken: The Rescue, you play as Jenny in her mission of rescuing Oniken prisoners that takes time between 1st and 2nd missions of the original game. The stage will come free of charge in the next Oniken update which will be available next Friday.

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Green Light Bundle

Green Light Bundle has just got out and guess what is in it? Oniken, of course! You can get our delicious 8-bit action platformer and ather awesome games for only $5! Here it is Green Light Bundle full games list: